“I chose to believe in the impossible and the miracle happened for me.”  For Orlando Salinas this is not just another tag line or slogan, it’s a life style. As a dynamic and passionate communicator, he is a motivational speaker, personal development teacher and a mentor to many. Orlando is an entrepreneur, business owner, CEO and founder of The Choose To Change Foundation, a 501-C3 non-profit, Christian based organization. As a speaker Orlando goes into schools, churches and business organizations. He works with jails, prisons and rehab centers all over the world. His ability to communicate and connect with such diverse audiences is unique and powerful.  His story from failure and hopelessness to success and triumph is truly one to be heard.     


At the age of 33 Orlando found himself in a very dark place. He hated his life and just wanted to die. Drugs, alcohol and incarcerations had devastated his life. He was hopeless and on his way to prison for the rest of his life. On Jan 18th 1997, "the day that turned his life around", Orlando made a decision that changed the whole course of his very existence. Today he travels the world sharing  his “Dead Man Walking” true life story. A story of hope, inspiration and determination. Men and women of all ages are captivated and inspired by his style of speaking and riveted presentation. His message of “The Power of Choice” and “Believing in the Impossible” are messages that everyone needs to hear.


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