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Motivation Like You've Never Heard It Before!

Speaking topic

Dead Man Walking Presentation (30-60 min.)


This is Orlando Salinas Signature Keynote. 
In this compelling and unforgettable presentation, Orlando shares his Personal life Story. How he went from total hopelessness and despair and wanting to kill himself, to successful business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, international keynote speaker, and author.

What will my audience get out of this presentation?
A. Your audience will be at the edge of their seats, totally inspired and motivated to believe in the impossible in their own life. It will push them over the edge to be able to believe that the challenges they are facing in their life, school or business, can really be overcome! That they can do more, have more, and become more than I ever thought possible.

B. Orlando will share at least three keys to success that he personally used that propelled him to the levels of success he has achieved.



An All Day "Process of Change" Seminar

In this, one-of-a-kind, One-day seminar Orlando shares what he calls “the process of change”. Your audience will learn the exact process of change that Orlando himself took to achieve success in his own life. Orlando's audience will learn:
1. The 7 major pieces to life-change
2. The power of purpose
3. The power of goal setting
4. The power of vision 

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